BMW Group US: December and Annual Sales

BMW Group US - Annual Sales Report

2016 has come to a close, and as monthly reports have continuously shown, the year did not show positive results for BMW or MINI in the United States. With new models arriving for both brands, insiders are optimistic for 2017.

“The New Year brings optimism for the year ahead and now we’re looking forward to the Detroit Auto Show next week and the launch of our brilliant, all-new 5 Series.” said Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO, BMW of North America. In addition, second generation Countryman sales will begin soon, and should help boost the MINI label.

Across both brands, sales were down a joint 5.4% in December, 9.7% for 2016.

New MINI Annual Sales

In December, US Sales for new MINIs were just 4,658 vehicles. 7% shy of just over 5,000 units sold in 2015. The MINI brand ended 2016 with almost 6,500 less vehicles sold than 2015. An 11.1% decrease from the 58,514 the year prior.

MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles

While new car sales saw a decline, throughout 2016, MINI continued to resell pre-owned vehicles at a record pace. December added 1,011 Certified Pre-Owen vehicles sold, and 2,608 Pre-Owned to the tally for the year, breaking records for both categories at about a 7% increase.

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