ReachNow Expands To Brooklyn – Adds New Services

ReachNow Brooklyn

Launched last April in Seattle, ReachNow, BMW’s short-term rental service quickly expanded to include Portland, Oregon.

ReachNow Expansion

Today, CEO announced that the third city ReachNow BMW and MINIs will be available will be Brooklyn, NY. ReachNow’s latest market will serve a community where automobile ownership is often considered a luxury, and only occasionally a necessity.

New Services

In addition to a third market for ReachNow, the company also announced four new services being rolled out or piloted in the near future.


Utilizing the company’s existing fleet of MINIs and BMWs, Ride will give users the opportunity to hire a car with a professional driver for single, or reoccurring transportation. The service will pilot in Seattle, and feature a customizable experience by utilizing ReachNow’s App. Riders can select climate and audio options, even notify the driver that they don’t want to be disturbed all before the vehicle even arrives.

Fleet Solutions

In its first test, ReachNow Fleet Solutions will provide onsite BMW i3s to a LEED Certified residence in Manhattan. Residents of the building will have the opportunity to check out vehicles as needed. Future expansion could also provide services for corporations or municipal organizations.

ReachNow i3 LA Auto Show



Beginning as a pilot in December, ReachNow Share will give existing late-model (2106-2017) MINI Cooper owners the option to “rent” their MINI to earn income from vehicles that are not being used. The pilot program will only be available in the Seattle area. MINI owners that are considering renting their MINI out should contact Seattle MINI for more information.


ReachNow is generally a service designed for short-term rentals, but with Reserve, members will be able to select a vehicle for longer durations with a daily price cap applied. Useful for family road trips and excursions, Reserve will also include the ability to have a vehicle delivered at a particular place and time.

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