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The Classic MINI Experience - Jalopnik

It’s no doubt there are more MINI drivers in the United States than ever before. Before BMW took over the brand, importing a Mini practically required an act of congress. The problem is, there aren’t many current owners who’ve experienced the adventure and courage required to drive a classic Mini. If you’re a fan of the second coming of the marque, you probably hold a deep love for the original, but until you’ve driven one, you’ll never know what it’s like.

A recent Jalopnik story may not give you the thrill of the drive, but it covers some of the bases. Author Ayan Basu had never even seen a Mini in person before he went to see one that was for sale. He knew about classic Mini history. He even knew a host of celebrities owned Minis.

The Classic Mini ExperienceEverything is smaller in a Classic MINI

As Basu got into the restored Mini, there were a lot of unexpected “features” ready give a bit of a wake-up call. From how tiny everything (speedometer excluded) was, to how much attention you’ll get driving a classic MINI. Worst of course is the lack of performance he found in the 1967 Mini Estate he drove. Designed, and renovated to produce 34 horsepower, in hindsight he considered ditching items, to cut weight.

Check out the full story HERE, and then let us know if you’ve ever owned or driven an early Mini below. What was your experience like?

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