Singapore Accident Victim Turns To Street Justice


MINI Cooper Driver Wants Street Justice

We’ve all been there, or been in fear of it happening to us. Another driver (because MINI drivers never make mistakes) causes an incident, and damages your MINI.

Immediately you fill with rage and adrenaline flows though your body. Your reaction in the next few moments can make a huge difference for yourself, and the other party involved.

A pair of Singaporean men recently learned this lesson when a motor-scooter rider in Bangkok scraped along the side of a Bright Yellow MINI Cooper Countryman.

WARNING Physical violence in video:

Apparently the two-wheeled rider attempted to flee after scrapping passed the MINI in traffic. After a short chase, the MINI owner caught up with him and forced him over to point out the damage. In the process, the victim of the accident punched the perpetrator multiple times instead of awaiting police. The two eventually negotiated an agreement to not press charges according to a police statement.

Was the MINI Driver justified in his response? Never forget, there are cameras all over these days. Tell us if you would have reacted the same, or differently in the comments below.

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