2016 That MINI Show Election Results

MINI Show Election

Timed with the 2016 US General Election, That MINI Show held a 4 hour “election” on Facebook on the evening of November 8, 2016.

As a fun and purely entertaining event, fans of the MINI brand were invited to ponder and answer two related questions:

  • What is your favorite model of MINI (including the classic Mini) Cooper?
  • What is your favorite MINI Dealership?

Open to visitors worldwide, and with little advance notice, votes poured in from around the globe. Unlike the US Presidential Election, very little negative campaigning was observed by That MINI Show election officials, and in the end, there were two winners selected from voters who will receive a prize pack upon confirmation.


The Winners

Measure 1 – What is your favorite model of MINI (including the classic Mini) Cooper?

MINI Show Election

By a very narrow margin, with a huge late rush of votes for the runner-up MINI Cabrio, the MINI Hardtop was selected as the winner of the favorite MINI model among all participants.

Measure 2 – What is your favorite MINI Dealership?

Tom Bush MINI

With the most “Write-in” votes of any dealership, Tom Bush MINI of Jacksonville, Florida received the most recommendations in our informal survey. Some concerns were raised regarding “voter intimidation” by associates of the dealership, but they were vindicated and cleared as simply thanking their supporters after their vote had been made.

Vote Comments - That MINI Show Vote Comments - That MINI Show

The Real Winners

Two voters were randomly selected to receive a That MINI Show prize pack. They will be contacted and announced on Facebook after they confirm their contact information. 

The Fine Print

This “event” was held for entertainment purposes only. The results, while as accurate as possible, were calculated by monitoring entries on all shared posts visible to That MINI Show on Facebook. That MINI Show does not endorse any particular MINI dealership, but we do appreciate the multiple dealers that had fun and participated in the “election”. We believe dealership involvement in activities is a great way to stay connected to MINI owners and drivers.

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Mike Bober has been involved in many aspects of the MINI Community, including working with multiple national series racing teams. He currently owns his first MINI, an R53 "Ramsey", a R60 Countryman "Lauda", and a F56 "Stanton". Previously owned was an R59 Roadster "Winnie". -- Along with many other major MINI events, Mike recently completed his second coast-to-coast MINI Takes The States event.

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