MINI Warns: Don’t Be Fooled By Scams

MINI Cooper Contest Scam

It seems like everywhere you look on the internet, someone is trying to weasel their way into your wallet. Unfortunately MINI lovers are being targeted in several recent attempts to get money or personal information by way of scams.

In a recent “giveaway” on Facebook, hopeful MINI Cooper winners were required to submit a mobile phone number for an entry. The scam would then text the user multiple times with a charge back of over $3.00US each time. This scam targeted users in Singapore, but since it asked people to share the post, it spread around the world.

The scam became so widespread that Eurokars Habitat, Singapore’s MINI distributor had to post this notice on Facebook.

A second common scam are raffles where no prize is awarded. These happen both online (commonly found on Twitter) and off. For a small fee (often advertised as a donation to a charity that may or may not exist), entrants are told they will be entered in a drawing to winner a variety of prizes. The unique following MINI has worldwide provides an easy way for a scammer to pocket the fee, and never award a prize.

Think Before Submitting

These scams are not limited to MINI. Awards from “airlines” or for “vacations” are often substituted in a similar attempt to separate entrants from their money. TIP: Reputable companies will always offer promotions from their official social media account. Before entering, look to see if the page has a history. Often these scams only include information about the contest, and no background about the company giving the prize away.

The reported scam page in Singapore has been removed from Facebook, but it’s a good reminder carefully consider what contests and giveaways you enter. We are fans of promotional content here at That MINI Show, but we would never ask for a fee, or personal information for an entry. We’d never share a sweepstakes with our readers that wasn’t directly associated with the company awarding the prize.

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    I get calls weekly about extending my warranty because it is about to expire. Little do the they that was so last year with the miles I put on my MINI.

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