2017 MINI Cooper Loses Standard Driving Modes

MINI Driving Modes Provide Sport and Green options at the press of a buttonThat MINI Show friend Trish Hunt recently contacted us asking about the lack of MINI Driving Modes in a dealership loaner vehicle. She was advised that the Sport Mode option we’ve become accustomed to would be removed from future vehicles. Like any MINI fan, she was understandably disappointed.

This is a change that hasn’t gotten a lot of coverage considering that change is pretty minor. First time buyers may not even notice that their MINI is missing a feature. We wanted to clear the air, so we reached out to MINIUSA to get an update on Driving Modes. Here is the breakdown on what’s happening…

What are MINI Driving Modes?

Sport Mode – Standard on earlier generations of MINIs, many consider Sport Mode a gimmick of a feature. On earlier vehicles, sport buttons often provided little effect. On a MINI however, pushing that button provided instant stiffening to steering input and an adjusted throttle profile. Noticeable to most drivers interested in some aggressive driving, many drivers use Sport Mode for daily driving.

Green Mode – Added to the latest F-models, the Green Mode option reduces consumption by optimizing fuel delivery, and by inhibiting friction loss when coasting if equipped with an automatic transmission. MINIs equipped with the Connected infotainment system also took advantage of added driver cues to help them operate more efficiently.

MINI Hardtop

For the 2017 model year MINI Driving Modes will no longer be included as a standard feature on the MINI Cooper (2 and 4-door) Hardtop. Buyers can add Sport and Green Modes if they opt to add the Sport Package ($2000 with LED headlights, Dynamic Damper Control, and other options) or individually for $500. The Cooper S and JCW Hardtop will continue to include MINI Driving Modes standard.

MINI Clubman and Convertible

MINI Clubman Interior with MINI Driving Modes

2017 will see no changes to MINI Driving Modes for the latest style Convertible and Clubman. Sport and Green modes will continue to be included on all variants.

MINI Countryman

The new 2017 Countryman will maintain driving mode options as a standard feature in all variants.

NOTE: Information provided may be specific to MINIUSA and vehicles sold in the United States or North America. Readers outside the US should check with a local dealers to confirm what option are available in their market.

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  1. Chzplz

    Confirmed that this also applies to Canada.

    In addition, for the Hardtops, “Excitement Lighting” also moves into an option pack, and the 6.5″ “Media Boost” stereo is now standard as well. This applies to both Canada and the US

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