Turn Around – Don’t Drown

Why on earth would anyone need a reminder to avoid large areas of water over roadways? You remember the “Turn Around Don’t Drown” campaign?  The DailyMail.com gives us a humble reminder as to why this is actually a thing.

Driving instructor gets Clubman stuck in high waterJune 23rd in Writtle, Essex, during a routine driving class the driving instructor removed his student from the driver’s seat and took over the controls as they navigated into a water-logged motorway. Unfortunately for him, he set himself up to be the poster child for the Turn Around Don’t Drown campaign.  The area in which they were traveling had been flooded by “torrential downpours” as reported by Doug Wilson. The massive amount of rain caused flooding on many of the London roadways which left the instructor, student and their innocent MINI Clubman stranded in the middle of the motorway.

After what looks to be an embarrassing amount of time, the instructor was able to push their Clubman and student to drier land.   I’m not sure if he was imagining himself as a rally instructor or had grand visions of the MINI floating across the road like an amphibious car but whatever the case, I think he’ll steer that MINI clear of any DirtFish inspired topography in the future.

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