Miles Ahead Leaving Indianapolis Motor Speedway

13245251_1014316991986219_3171218401865254716_nEarlier this week, Miles Ahead Motoring School announced that after five years of working with MINI USA to provide high-speed performance driver training and activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, effective immediately their programs will be held at/with various dealerships in the central region of the US and operations at the speedway will end.

From the statement, it sounds as if the Miles Ahead program will continue with some support from MINI USA, but possibly slightly limited and more restrictive for the school. A possible advantage for “motorers” would be more local opportunities to take part in Miles Ahead programs, but details as to what those sessions may include have not yet been made available.

There have been some rumors about some Miles Ahead vehicles being relocated to Thermal, California, so this decision may partly be a reaction to that. We are unsure if that move was made by MINI and if it was in association with the Miles Ahead program.

Customers with gift certificates will be able to receive a refund or they have the option of participating in the final IMS date of August 13.

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Mike Bober has been involved in many aspects of the MINI Community, including working with multiple national series racing teams. He currently owns his first MINI, an R53 "Ramsey", a R60 Countryman "Lauda", and a F56 "Stanton". Previously owned was an R59 Roadster "Winnie". -- Along with many other major MINI events, Mike recently completed his second coast-to-coast MINI Takes The States event.

2 thoughts on “Miles Ahead Leaving Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  1. Brian Z

    Wonder if this will come to Austin and be located at COTA.

    1. mm That MINI Show!

      We suspect that Miles Ahead will primarily be a traveling program working with dealers at various tracks and/or large parking lots in the future. COTA may be possible stop along the way.

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