Could All British MINI Production End?

P90217195-lowResMINIs are not built solely in the UK. Factories in Austria, and Holland take on a large part of the classically British manufacture. Unfortunately, after 15 years of MINIs under BMW, an article by Oxford Mail about Britain’s pending referendum has raised concern that if separation from the European Union does occur, MINI parent company BMW might find increased tariffs and taxes encouragement to stop, or cut UK production of MINIs destined for the continent, and move the MINI to existing factories in mainland Europe.

BMW image of PM Cameron during a previous visit to MINI Oxford in 2013.
BMW image of PM Cameron during a previous visit to MINI Oxford in 2013.

According to the article, workers at MINI Plant Oxford were told by union officials, and visiting Prime Minister David Cameron “not to to risk their jobs by voting for Britain to quit the EU”. With over 4,500 employees building MINIs at the plant, there is significant concern for what the additional costs could mean to both local workers, and those from more than 20 other EU countries that make up the plant’s staff. However, those in support of a separation from the EU believe independent negotiating would create new markets and opportunity for British trade.

Do you think BMW would consider shuttering MINI Plant Oxford in Cowley, England if the cost of selling MINIs to Europe was increased? What would happen to the iconic British brand? Tell us bellow.


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