Why Whimsy Is Nearly Extinct, And What I Did To Fix It

My wife and I have also decided that the Mini will become my daily driver once my Z4 lease ends. To be honest, I love the Z4. Owning Fritzi (her name) has been a MONUMENTAL task ticked off my bucket list. So many memories have been made because of her. Plus, Norah (my daughter) is not going to be very happy when it goes. She calls it her Bimmer. Since the Mini arrived though… I haven’t heard as much about it. Maybe she’s picked up on the whimsy bug too?

So with that, we welcomed Beatrix in 2013. The new Ferstl Family Whimsy Machine!

photo 2


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Kevin has been a British & German auto enthusiast his entire life. It all started with his first car, Bertha, a 1971 MGB. Kevin's Mini/MINI life began with a 1963 Morris Mini Minor Super DeLuxe named Beatrix that was his daily driver for over a year. He's also owned an R61 S ALL4 and currently drives an F55 Justa.

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