Why Whimsy Is Nearly Extinct, And What I Did To Fix It

Sometimes introducing a little whimsy is just the prescription to shaking off the cobwebs.

I am way behind on our family adventures. Sure, we’ve taken some, but we need more adventure! Work has won this round. You’ve probably experienced the same thing. Work can just take it out of you, so when you’re done there’s not much left. Enough dwelling…

Here’s the best part. Life is full of rounds. So I figured out a solution. Introduce a little bit of whimsy, and here it is:


Seriously. How can you not look at this and not smile?

There’s just something inspirational about owning and driving a classic car. Especially one with as much personality as a 1963 Morris Mini Super DeLuxe. Already, I have found my optimism swinging back into the black! The simple answer is you cannot drive a car like this around without getting bombarded by smiles, high fives, thumbs up, etc. It’s like living in that VW commercial. (Don’t kill me…it’s a great illustration.)


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Kevin has been a British & German auto enthusiast his entire life. It all started with his first car, Bertha, a 1971 MGB. Kevin's Mini/MINI life began with a 1963 Morris Mini Minor Super DeLuxe named Beatrix that was his daily driver for over a year. He's also owned an R61 S ALL4 and currently drives an F55 Justa.

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