The New MINI Seven – Much Ado, About What?! Change?

MINI SevenTwo days after the announcement of the newest “Special Edition” offering by MINI, The Seven, and already the community is abuzz with predictable boring negativity. One thing I don’t understand as an enthusiast is the hatred of any car or brand. Isn’t there already enough hate in the world without “hating” a car, brand, or someone who may choose to drive that car?

Ok, Ok… for arguments sake I’ll say this. The Mini has changed, it has evolved. The Mini has been designed and redesigned since Sir Alec Issigonis first conceived the lovely little classic Mini. But, wasn’t his original vision one of a cheap, get around car? It quickly evolved into a world class race/rally car, beating the pants off it’s more expensive and tested counterparts of the day. As with anything in this world, change happens. The classic was doomed to change, the Gen1, Gen2 have and the Gen3 will as well with each offering. This is what happens, change for better or for worse.

It’s only through genius marketing that certain groups (hipsters, soccer moms, midlife crisis men, rednecks, etc…) latch onto a car or truck culture, is it not? One only needs to look to the various car or truck clubs to see this is true. Hmmmm… Seems to me that BMW/MINI has cultivated quite a marketing coo over the years, appealing to the exact audience they chose.

MINI Seven BonnetAnd so the retro-ish MINI Seven is offered (Insert your chosen Emoji here). Like it or hate it, its here in all its current MINI-ness:

Offered in the 3 or 5 door model with a 3 or 4 cylinder twin turbo gas or diesel engine (where available). Comfort and convenience, and technology packages unique to the Seven, as well as Seven specific exterior and interior color combinations featuring; Lapisluxury Blue or one of three alternative paint finishes to choose from; roof and exterior mirror caps in Melting Silver; 17-inch light alloy wheels in exclusive MINI Seven Spoke two-tone design; MINI Seven door sill finishers; side scuttles with MINI Seven logo; bonnet stripes in Melting Silver with surrounds in Malt Brown available as an exclusive option.

As a “design model” the MINI Seven will not see performance modifications beyond standard upgrades available to the MINI Hardtop lineup.

Tell us what you think about this new Special Edition MINI in the comments below, then click through to the next page for the full MINI Seven Gallery!


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