Mini Clubman All4 Scrambler Concept

MINI Clubman Scrambler Concept Italy sideMINI Italia recently displayed an interesting concept vehicle designed in collaboration with its Italian counterpart BMW Motorrad Italia. The concept was designed as  multi-vehicle, recreational collection featuring the MINI Clubman All4 Scrambler.

The Scrambler features upgraded suspension and tires for off road abilities, custom leather interior, a very unique roof rack with a wood slat base, and a gorgeous flat “frozen” paint scheme that is reserved for special edition cars produced by BMW and MINI.

Tell us what you think about this unique MINI concept in the comments below, and then continue to the next page to see the full gallery…


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Mike Bober has been involved in many aspects of the MINI Community, including working with multiple national series racing teams. He currently owns his first MINI, an R53 "Ramsey", a R60 Countryman "Lauda", and a F56 "Stanton". Previously owned was an R59 Roadster "Winnie". -- Along with many other major MINI events, Mike recently completed his second coast-to-coast MINI Takes The States event.

One thought on “Mini Clubman All4 Scrambler Concept

  1. Jim Sipos

    I guess I am too old but I just can’t understand “flat” paint on a car. I am 75 and love the crap out of my 2005 Cooper S with mods but I probably would not drive it in “flat” paint. It is gurgeous black over dark silver, sounds like a Ferrari cousin, goes like stink and the most fun car I have ever owned, including Triumphs,which I still have, Jags, Alfas., etc. But please not flat paint.
    By the way I do like the Clubman a lot. Probably my next car.

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