Wrecks For Days

Generally speaking, accidents involving MINIs are not what most in the “community” would consider newsworthy. In fact, many would prefer to not be reminded that operating a vehicle of any kind comes with some risk. Unfortunately, in the last couple of days, numerous accidents have occurred where a MINI played a key role. A reminder that we all have a responsibility to drive safe on the roads.

Red Light Runner

SHAUN HALL/Daily Courier
SHAUN HALL/Daily Courier

Grants Pass, OR – According to the Daily Courier, A MINI Cooper Convertible ran a red light and broadsided a unknown model Subaru. No injuries were reported, but the driver of the MINI was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.

Driver Killed

Delmar, DE – delawareonline.com and Delaware State Police confirmed that a 37 year old man was killed following a severe accident where his MINI left the roadway, and struck a tree after going airborne, after which it caught fire. The operator was pulled from the wreckage and transported to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

No Control In TO

Tony Smyth/CBC
Tony Smyth/CBC

Toronto, ON – CBC NEWS reports that a MINI driver in the Roncesvalles neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario lost control of her MINI Cooper S in the early morning hours causing damage to a parked van, and the front porch of a home. The incident cased delays to the city’s street car system, and the driver will face charges related to drunk driving.



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