MINI Cooper Included in BMW Car Sharing Service

7ReachNow, a new car-sharing service created by BMW in Seattle, Washington has officially announced that its service will include the MINI Cooper 2 Door, and 4 Door in its fleet alongside the BMW 328xi and the [all electric] i3 and . Similar to other city based car sharing services, the service allows members to pick up a vehicle that’s not in-use, and pay a per minute rental fee.

MINI-2Currently the service is temporarily offering FREE lifetime membership fees, and rentals include price caps to help users have a better idea of what their per use costs will be. Standard rates are less than $0.50 per minute which makes car-sharing a practical idea for urban dwellers who may not want the expense of car ownership, but can occasionally enjoy the freedom of having access to a car.

ReachNow is only available in Seattle, but we bet the service will prove to be a great marketing tool for MINI and BMW, and expect it to look for other growing cities where public transportation is limiting for future expansion. Other future plans include chauffeur services, with the possibility of including existing MINI owners as drivers in a BMW/MINI exclusive UBER like service.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, and your looking for a ride, head over to for more information.

UPDATE: GeekWire Tested the service out, and demonstrates how the service uses the infotainment system in the cars for logging into the car and starting your drive. Check it out at:

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