Being Nominated: Bruce Nelson’s Thoughts On #DefyLabels

If you’re a MINI fan from the United States, or probably anywhere, you are familiar with the #DefyLabels campaign and probably the contest surrounding it. While many have complained about the way voting works, or problems with the website, what Bruce Nelson, a nominee, points out in his recent blog post hits home with the goal of the entire marketing program.

“Defy Labels” is nothing more than a new spin on the same concept that brought so many people into the MINI culture. As a teacher, Nelson follows the same theme, thinking outside the box, and teaching differently to reach his students. Having been recently nominated as an influential teacher also, Nelson was surprised to be recognized again for his beliefs and attitude toward teaching.

I’m know I’m not that good- That I can be better.  With that in mind I have set a new goal:  I want to be the teacher everyone thinks I am.

Regardless of wether you like the #DefyLabels campaign, or you absolutely despise the new, bright look of MINI’s marketing, we can all learn one thing from this entrant; just like the unique combinations of our cars, we are all unique people:

“Don’t worry about what other people think, be yourself, labels limit the possibilities.  A classier view of being “Not Normal.”

Read Bruce’s blog at: or about the Defy Labels Contest

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