2 MINIs Totaled

Two late model MINIs (an R56 R53 and and F56) were severely damaged in Taiwan recently, and dashboard video footage was supplied a local new broadcast capturing the event. Unfortunately we do not have details, (Can anyone translate?) but it appears as if both vehicles involved may have been racing through a series of tunnels. At least one passenger was captured climbing out of the wreckage that occurred near a tunnel entrance.

Click through on the image to see the full coverage on Taiwanese media:

Taiwan MINI Wreck

UPDATE: Commenters here and on Facebook have reported that the incident was actually the result of road rage, and not racing.

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Mike Bober has been involved in many aspects of the MINI Community, including working with multiple national series racing teams. He currently owns his first MINI, an R53 "Ramsey", a R60 Countryman "Lauda", and a F56 "Stanton". Previously owned was an R59 Roadster "Winnie". -- Along with many other major MINI events, Mike recently completed his second coast-to-coast MINI Takes The States event.

One thought on “2 MINIs Totaled

  1. Raph

    Not racing, road rage according to reports. R56 driven by one man and F56 has family with kid. Driver from R56 suffered minor bone fracture. F56 woman suffered minor bone fracture, child with minor concussion.

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